torsdag den 15. september 2016

15.09.16 | KARRUSEL 2016

So I told you guys that I went to Karrusel this year, with some of my good friends. I took a couple of pictures that I want to share. 
These pictures show perfectly how fun the whole day was, with these guys. 

Let me tell you a bit about Karrusel. Karrusel is a three days long party that takes place in the center of Odense in Denmark. It's a bit like Distortion that takes place in Copenhagen. The first day starts with a party in a park filled with creative decorations and laser light and different DJ's playing around the park. 
The second day is where the street party takes place. The inner city of Odense is turned into on huge party. Also with different kinds of music and DJ's around the center. My friends and I went to the City this day, and had a lot of fun. 
The hightligt of Karrusel is the finale party. Each year with a different theme that looks so cool, with light, decorations music and so on. The theme this year was chrome, from the raw industrial environment and surroundings from the harbour. Rave atmosphere and Sci-fi cirkus. 
My friends and I haven't participated in the finale party yet. But we have to do it next year. So see you next year Karrusel!

mandag den 12. september 2016


Hey guys! I just wanted to show my summer dress from Zara, that I have been wearing almost the whole summer. 
 I bought it this summer for an event with Indian theme. But it was SO comfy that I just love to wear it. 
Also, my friends and I attended Karrusel this weekend. It was really fun! I took a couple of pictures that I will post this week.

tirsdag den 30. august 2016

30.08.16 | AT THE COUNTRY

So I spent my weekend at my brothers place. 
My brother and I haven't really spent time together in a looong time. So I'm really happy that we finally got to this weekend.
My brother and his girlfriend is expecting their second child. So we were out taking pictures, which turned out really great! If you guys are interested in seeing some of the pictures, you can check it out on my facebook page here.
These pictures were shot at the location were we had the shoot. Very beautiful place, so I had to have some pictures for myself.

onsdag den 17. august 2016


When my brother first moved in to his new house with his girlfriend, this street lamp was at their driveway. I thought it looked so cool! But they wanted to dig the lamp up, and throw it away! But I thought it was such a beautiful lamp, and such a shame to just throw it away. So my brother dug it up and made legs on it. And now it's in my livingroom! I absolutely adore this lamp! So I am really grateful that my brother did this.

tirsdag den 2. august 2016


Hi guys

We took these pictures when we visited my family in my hometown.
We went to this really cosy place. They had decorated around the restaurants and on the path all the way to the beach. It was so pretty!

mandag den 25. juli 2016


I had a great vacation with my boyfriend. But we are back home and back at work again. And there is already so much to do. But I am glad that I can look back at all the good times Alex and I have had this summer. 

That also reminded me of these pictures I shot with Alex not so long ago. I love this part of my town. These beautiful colorful houses. 
I wanted to show you guys my favorite pants. I got these from a market at my hometown so they are unfortunetly not easy to get. They had a lot of jeans with different kind of patterns, which I am looking for at the moment, so I just fell in love with this place.

tirsdag den 19. juli 2016

19.07.16 | VENI VIDI AMAVI

My boyfriend and I had an amazing time here at Løkken. The title says "Veni - Vidi - Amavi". It means "We came - We saw - We loved". And that was exactly what we did! I had my camera with me everywhere, and I just had to photograph all the beautiful things in this pretty little town.
 We are going to my hometown tomorrow to visit my family. We are going to be there for the rest of the week, and just enjoy the time with the family, go to the beach, coffee shops, going out for dinner. And I am probably also going to shop at my favorite stores. See you soon!